Half and Half

Is it a leather or cotton jacket, I simply can’t decide!  Make this duo jacket your new staple by wearing it with literally everything!  This jacket is a great transition piece because you can wear it now with a sweater, scarf, and wool overcoat for those chilly winter nights, but can also wear it in the spring by pairing it with a sheer dress and flats.  Talk about a closet workhorse!



3 Color Medley

Getting dressed in the morning can be as easy as 1-2-3, by selecting your favorite colors!  Keep one piece a neutral color while the other two pieces can be any two colors of your liking, then blend all three to make a truly one of a kind ensemble!


Polka Plaid

Let’s get inspired this week by prints!  When you pair two prints together it creates an unusual, yet undeniably refreshing outfit.  Again, this is where your fashion bravery can be explored and shown, so go ahead and mix those prints!

009To make is easier on yourself, keep your prints in the same color palette!