I am happy to report SNOW!!!!  Get out the mugs and marshmallows, snow has stopped by town and her favorite drink is hot coco!  Another thing that goes with snow is a cozy sweater with cozy boots, its practically a match made in heaven!



Maxify Yourself

There is nothing better than a long maxi dress for those hot summer days, its chic, its comfortable, and its so effortless!  If you haven’t tried this style of dress yet, then what are you waiting for, trust me you will love this one!  Look for breezy fabrics and colorful prints, it will make getting ready in the morning an absolute cinch!




Ethnically Blousy

I love pairing a blousy top with skinny jeans!  The contrast between the fullness of the top with the skinniness of the jeans looks le magnifique!  An outfit like this can be worn to an outdoor party or to dinner with girlfriends!




I got this blouse from World Market, sometimes the most unexpected pieces come from unexpected places!


A Dress To Go Please

One of my favorite items for summer is, my comfy tea length striped dress.  Trust me you need a dress that you can throw on and go, it makes picking an outfit for that day a cinch!  I like to try it belted for a little sophistication, but it is equally as great just to let hang and blow in the summer breeze!




Stripe Me Up

I am enjoying my vacation in Kansas this week, but let me tell you I am not used to the heat!  It makes it difficult to pick the right outfit, especially one that won’t make you sweat your bum off!  I find that tomato colored linen shorts and striped tee are the perfect combo!


Dress to The A-Line!

I love A-line dresses for weddings, because they are fun and flirty, but also allow you to have that extra piece of cake!  What is so great about this style of dress is that it flatters all body types and looks great dressed up or down.  An A-line dress looks grand in a brilliant color or if you want to get daring try it in a small pattern!  Grab your dancing shoes because your going to be jigging and jagging all night!



Wacky Khaki

Khakis are one of my all time favies for summer, number one is the comfort baby and number two you can get them in so many colors and patterns!  If you want more bang for your buck then I would go for the basic colors like tan and white, but if you can stretch that dollar, then pick some color girl!  A good tip to try is rolling the bottoms of your khakis to create a relaxed look.  Ah, I can hear the hammock calling my name!




Pleasant Peasant

Is it so, has nice weather finally found us all?  Oh, I thought that warm days would never come, now they are here and I find myself going for light and airy pieces.  I love to take my peasant blouses out of retirement!   They are so comfortable and are perfect for hot summer days and yet equally nice for those cooler summer nights.  Plus, they come in so many colors and sleeve lengths, so you can find what best fits your body and style!








Ladies Night

What to wear for a girls night out?  Finally, its Friday and time for girls to have a night of fun!  Girls night outfits should be dressy and sassy, yet you still want to be a bit comfortable.  The patterned jeans are low key and comfortable which pairs perfectly with the flirty taupe top.  I always take a jacket and this suede jacket adds a touch of cool to the outfit.  Silver chunky jewelry finishes the ensemble off with just the right amount of glitz and glamour!




The Weekender

Hope you all have a good weekend!  This is an outfit I put together, that I thought was perfect for a weekend of shopping, dining and being with friends!  If you haven’t tried a maxi skirt yet, you need to, they are wonderful for spring weather and you will feel comfortable all day.  Maxi skirts come in so many styles and fabrics, so you may have to try, try, try until you find the perfect one!