Hello Readers,
I would like to tell you a little bit about me! I live in a very small town and I feel you can be fashionable anywhere! From a young age, I have always loved fashion. I am constantly studying the trends and taking notes on fashions both past and present. I have a good eye for color which helps me in creating outfits that are unexpected and interesting! In addition to fashion, I am a designer and decorate houses so I am constantly having to think outside the box. When I help people with either an outfit or room design, I try and keep their style still, but with my twist! The Sassy Pearl Fashion Blog is intended to help people find inspiration and open up your creative side. I want to help people of all ages and shapes with any fashion questions, like what to wear to a wedding or that dreaded business meeting, really anything! I will be giving ideas on my blog about outfits, color choices, redesigning vintage, mixing accessories and much more! So, please feel free to ask questions, comment, or upload a photo of your design!

There will also be ideas for your home!  I love interior design and think everyone’s home should reflect their personality and creativity!  I will feature ideas and pictures from my own home and give helpful hints to help you transform your house into the home you always wanted!

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