Splurge vs Steal

So, this is a question I have been asked many times, what pieces should I spend money on and what pieces can I buy cheap.  I always think of my building blocks in my closet, these are the pieces that I can wear with anything and everything, so these are the pieces I feel I need to spend the extra money on because I will use them the most.  Then, I think about my fun and funky side that wants leopard, bright colors, and sequins, here I can spend less money.


Black Handbag  (I use my black bag so much, it is practical and goes with everything)

Navy and Black Blazer  (tailored to perfection, I know when I put them on I am instantly polished)

Black and Brown Boots  (I use both colors of boots daily, they are my ultimate workhorses and I love how comfortable they are to walk in all day)

Wool Coat (this is my staple for fall and winter, I can dress it up or down and it keeps me toasty warm)



Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!!!  (jewelry, scarves, and colored handbags don’t have to be costly, vintage and retail chain stores are great for these buys)

Collared shirts (these can be found in every pattern and fabric and go with literally everything in your closet)

Tees (whether you want plain or sequins, tees are always great to have in bulk)

Cardigans (get sassy here and get them in bright colors, patterns and with embellishments)





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