Stuck in a Rut

Do you ever feel like your style is lacking and you dress the same way day in and day out? Your in a style rut my friend!!!  Style ruts can be fixed, but it takes effort on your part and flexibility!

How to change your style: Lesson 101

You may have a comfort zone, we all do, but part of what keeps us from trying anything new, is that warm fuzzy comfort zone! Try sitting your comfort zone down and taking a step away from it.  This will give you some freedom to try new things, but will allow you to stay true to yourself!

Change your everyday outfit!  There is nothing wrong with a T-shirt and jeans, just not everyday!  Instead opt for a silk blouse and ankle capris or a tank top and skirt, by changing just one item on your normal everyday outfit, it will make your style more diverse and interesting!

Change your color palette!  Try a color you would never think to try!  Its time to take that plunge and drink from the color fountain!  You will be amazed how one color can change your appearance and make you look absolutely stunning!

Change your style trend!  Stop saying you can’t try or wear a trend!  You know that old saying Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover, the same applies here!  You don’t know something won’t work on you unless you try it.  Remember not all trends are created equal, you have to work a little to find which ones suit you and which ones to toss out to pasture!  Take a brutally honest friend with you, it will save you time and money!!!

Change your hair!  I know this one can be super scary for some people, but trust me a sassy new do or hair color can definitely change you and how you look at yourself.  Hair should be a symbol of your personality, so if its dull and lack luster then its time for a much needed change!  Remember hair always grows back!

Change your makeup!  Each and every woman should feel beautiful and makeup does just that. Try a new shade of eye shadow or lipstick, it will liven up your face and give you that extra boost of confidence!

Change your accessories!  Add in an accessory that is a bit bolder and daring for you, it will intimidate you at first, but try it anyways!

This is my style change!  I never thought I would ever wear a fedora, but to my surprise I loved the look!






2 comments on “Stuck in a Rut

  1. Cindy Lake says:

    Great advice, CUTE picture, now I just need to do what you SAY!

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