Anchors Away

Set sail this weekend with an anchors inspired top, bottom, or accessory!  I love the nautical elements of this outfit, but also that it stays classic and modern at the same time. Nautical themed clothing is a timeless trend and will always be a great staple for any wardrobe!

Note: Try Mixing your nautical piece with other patterns and textures to create an interesting look!



Maxify Yourself

There is nothing better than a long maxi dress for those hot summer days, its chic, its comfortable, and its so effortless!  If you haven’t tried this style of dress yet, then what are you waiting for, trust me you will love this one!  Look for breezy fabrics and colorful prints, it will make getting ready in the morning an absolute cinch!




Budding Romance

Send me flowers, but send them for my wrist instead!  Add some petally charm to your wrist with flower bracelets, nothing makes a sweeter and prettier statement than that!  Some great places to pick your bouquets are Kohls, Banana Republic, Target, and TJ Maxx.  Play with color, texture, and size to blossom your look!


Bright on Bright Makes it Right!

Ladies, layer your brights!  Go bright or go home is the lesson of the day, brighter is definitely better.  The key my fashionista sisters, is to pick three colors you like and put them all together.  Try this with either clothing or accessories, you pick the right bright combination!  Keep your other pieces neutral and you will start your day brilliantly bright!



Teasy Tassel

Tassels are not just used to dress your home, they can dress you too!  A tassel necklace is a must have because it gives an outfit a classic, yet playful touch.  I love to wear this necklace with skirts, tunics, and dresses, it will be a statement piece you will wear again and again!