Pack Me Up!

Ever wonder how to pack for your vacation?  Well, fret no more my traveling friend, I got you covered!  One thing I do when I get ready to pack is watch the weather at my destination, then I think what types of clothes I will feel most comfortable in and what they are made of!  These are important questions, as well as what you are doing on your vacation, like will you be going out to a nice dinner or are you going to worship the sun on the beach!  Here are some of my tips to make packing painless and effortless!

My guess is that most of us this summer are traveling to warm and sunny destinations!   My picks for a week long trip are:


  • 3 cotton tanks, in different colors
  • 2 cotton shirts, in neutral colors
  • 2 pairs of cotton shorts, one in a color and one neutral (jean shorts work too)
  • 2 sundresses, get fun and choose a bright color or pattern
  • 2 skirts in any color or pattern
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 jacket either denim or a blazer

The tanks and shirts can be paired with the shorts, jeans, or skirt.  Mix and match for a fun color combination and create interest.  You can always dress up your shorts and tanks with a glitzy shoes or dramatic accessories.  I like wedges and a clutch paired with shorts and skirts for night because it adds a bit of glamour!


  • 1 raffia handbag
  • 1 clutch, I usually take metallic
  • 2 pairs of flat sandals, a metallic and tan
  • 1 pair of wedges black or tan
  • 2 necklaces (1 long and 1 short)
  • 4 pairs of earrings (hoops, studs, chandelier, and a colorful sassy pair)
  • a few bangles and 2 rings

The raffia handbag is great for day and the clutch dresses up your outfits for dinner at night.  Mix and match your accessories to make a more understated outfit for day and then get more dramatic for night with earrings and eye makeup!  Remember your SPF!!!


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