Ethnically Blousy

I love pairing a blousy top with skinny jeans!  The contrast between the fullness of the top with the skinniness of the jeans looks le magnifique!  An outfit like this can be worn to an outdoor party or to dinner with girlfriends!




I got this blouse from World Market, sometimes the most unexpected pieces come from unexpected places!



Coco Chanel was a visionary designer, many of the designs she created, we still wear today.  LBD is one we can thank her for as well as bringing forth the casual chic movement, bringing a much needed end to the corset!  Plus one of my favorites, the striped shirt inspired by French sailors.  We all own a piece of Chanel in our closets even if it doesn’t carry the label, it carries the inspiration!


On the Dot

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s ladies!  Dotted blazers, skirts, and shirts are on my fashion list today.  They are ultra girly and modern making them a perfect addition to any growing wardrobe!  I like to pick one dotted piece, like the skirt below while keeping the rest of the outfit simple.  This outfit would be ideal for a day at the office or a lunch date with your honey!


New Wave Leather

I love that leather is making a huge splash on accessories!  Leather gives an earthy, yet oh so chic feel to any outfit and is a definite must have in my fashion book.  These beautifully crafted earrings have an edgy bohemian vibe and will be one of my go to earrings all year long!

I got these earrings at MARCASA, they have a wonderful selection of accessories and apparel!




Easy Breezy

Doesn’t this outfit just make you want to pack your bags and head for the Caribbean?  Gauzy blouses are one of my must haves for summer, they look completely effortless and can also be used as a cover-up for your swimsuit!  I am a big fan of white pants, they are so versatile and can make any summer ensemble look fresh and clean.  With an outfit like this, you will say BON VOYAGE in style!


A Dress To Go Please

One of my favorite items for summer is, my comfy tea length striped dress.  Trust me you need a dress that you can throw on and go, it makes picking an outfit for that day a cinch!  I like to try it belted for a little sophistication, but it is equally as great just to let hang and blow in the summer breeze!




I’m Bringing Sassy Back!

I am back from vacation and it feels good to be home!  I am looking forward to this week’s fashion topics and hopefully you are too!  Pick a word any word, then wear it on a shirt, bracelet, or bag.  I am loving worded bracelets, they are playful and oh so cute!  Try rocking a word that describes you best and show everyone who you are!


Stripe Me Up

I am enjoying my vacation in Kansas this week, but let me tell you I am not used to the heat!  It makes it difficult to pick the right outfit, especially one that won’t make you sweat your bum off!  I find that tomato colored linen shorts and striped tee are the perfect combo!


Road Trip!!!

I can’t say that traveling in a car for ten hours is a highlight of my day, but as long as I have some of my essential traveling items I am A OK!  An iPad is wonderful to have, I have my favorite movies on it, so I can watch You’ve Got Mail as many times as I want.  What’s a movie without snacks, yum gummy bears, maybe I will share!  Lotion, chappies, and gum are very important here because after a long day of travel its nice to freshen up.  I take piles of magazines, I love fashion and interior design ones, plus I get some great ideas!  To complete my essentials list is, a scarf, sunglasses, and an iPod which are an absolute necessity in my travel book!