The Perfect Wedding Handbag

So you have the dress, the shoes, the earrings, and bag, oh no what bag!  I think that finding the right bag is key, this is where you can get something more sparkly and glitzy!  It is good to size down here and find a bag that fits only the three C’s, compact, cellphone, and credit card.  I would suggest either a clutch or small chained coin purse, they will compliment your wedding attire by adding the right amount of glamour to make you a showstopper!


018Down below are some examples of a perfect wedding handbag!


Dress to The A-Line!

I love A-line dresses for weddings, because they are fun and flirty, but also allow you to have that extra piece of cake!  What is so great about this style of dress is that it flatters all body types and looks great dressed up or down.  An A-line dress looks grand in a brilliant color or if you want to get daring try it in a small pattern!  Grab your dancing shoes because your going to be jigging and jagging all night!



A Semi-Formal Affair

When I think of semi-formal wedding, a cocktail dress comes to mind!  This is the type of wedding that you want to get a little dressed up for, but not over the top.  Choose a dress that has a bit of glam, fits like a glove, and in a dramatic color.  Accessories should be kept minimal, but should sparkle in the candlelight!


Wedding Week!!!

What to wear to a wedding?  This is always the question when wedding season comes around.  You never want to out do the bride, because hello its her day and she may go bridezilla on you, so best to keep it simple!  I always find out what type of wedding it is, you never want to show up to a black tie affair with jeans on!  So, this week I will show some outfits that would be great to wear to whatever type of wedding you RSVP to!

This would be a great outfit to wear to a day wedding!  This is when you can play with some bright colors, to make a wonderful impression!




White-Hot Wedges

My favorite sandal for summer is…..the wedge!  I love that this sandal can give you an extra inch or four and is super comfortable!  You can wear wedges with dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans.  Trust me you will want to try an wedge these babies in your shoe wardrobe!008

Shrug It Off

A shrug is a perfect way to keep yourself warm on those cool summer nights and is a perfect topper for dresses!  This is a sweater that every girl needs in her closet, because you will be reaching for it all summer long.  I love to pair my shrugs with maxi dresses, a-line dresses, sheath dresses, it pretty much looks great with every style of dress and looks equally great with skirts!  I would suggest having a neutral one like tan or black, but also feed your colorful side and get one in a color as well!


Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

For centuries, women have fought the battle between tight and baggy and there doesn’t seem to be a truce anywhere in sight!  When clothing items are too tight, we have to not only worry about circulation but also all the rumples and bumples that rear their unflattering heads. Now, when clothing items are too baggy one has to wonder what could possibly be hiding in your shirt and also if the weather turns frigid you have room to keep a small army warm! So, as you can see this battle is ongoing, and the only way to stop it, is making an effort to pick items that fit and flatter.  Here are some tippies below!

  • Buy your size, I have said this before, but its so, so, so, true!  Trust me its amazing what your true size can do for your body and overall look.
  • Pick shirts that are long enough for your torso and that have a little bit of give in the fabric.  Shirts should hit a few inches below your hip bones and have just a touch of extra room so it skims your middle and sides of your torso gracefully.  You should be able to breathe with it on!
  • When something is too tight on a person it shows, so wear things that make you look and feel comfortable.  If you have to keep pulling a skirt or shirt down, its too tight.
  • Look at the fabric, if it looks teeny weeny on the hanger, chances are its going to be tight and unforgiving, so opt for more flattering materials like silk, cotton blends, and rayon blends.  Jersey and satin are more unforgiving and will show lumps and bumps!
  • The same goes for baggy items, you should wear your clothes, not your clothes wear you!  If you could pitch a tent with your shirt when its raining outside, then its way, way, way too big!
  • Something is too baggy if it adds visual pounds to your figure, so stay away from balloon type shirts, trapeze jackets with flared sleeves and dresses that have no shape!
  • The more baggy something is, does not mean the smaller it will make you look!
  • Stop being so hard on yourself!  This is a big one because women tend to nit pick every ounce of their bodies, we are all guilty of this, yes even skinny people!  You are your own toughest critic, instead of scoping out all the flaws, look for aspects that are great about you!  And yes you have them, everyone does, stop being a Negative Nancy!!!!






It’s Party Time

I love parties and I love getting all dressed up to go to them!  This summer try some pops of color with a classic print like a stripe,  this will give your look a nice modern twist that will make you stand out in a crowd!  Now go enjoy some birthday cake!  I want to give a special shout out to Matt, Happy 30th Birthday!



A Short Story

So, now is the time to take our hem lines much higher and debut those white gams because its officially shorts season!  Shorts are fantastic for summer weather and come in many different print and fabrics.  You can dress shorts up with wedges and a clutch for date night, or go comfy and pair them with flat sandals and a straw handbag.  One thing to keep in mind when picking a great pair of shorts, is to keep it PG 13, no one wants to see your cheeks or anything else for that matter!  Have fun mixing and matching colors and prints, it will make for a nice bright summer!