Neck Wreath

I am all about making my own necklaces!  This is a such a fun and easy way to add some artistic flare to your accessories and really show off your creative side!

You will need the following:

  • Jewelry wire in gold or silver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Jewelry Crimps
  • Scissors
  • Lobster Clasps in either gold or silver
  • Gold or silver O rings
  • Beads

Cut your wire longer than what you need, we will cut the excess off later.  Thread a lobster clasp on one end of the wire and bend the wire through the bottom of the clasp to create a V shape .  Then thread a jewelry crimp on the wire up to the clasps end, this should be pulled tightly, only allowing the clasp to move a touch.  Next, use your pliers and press down on the jewelry crimp to make it tight and secure, you will have a little excess wire poking out, this will be tucked into your beads as you thread them.  Start to thread on your beads, try creating a design or pattern on your table before threading them on your wire to see what pattern you love!  Thread your beads on making sure you thread them up to the crimp and tuck in the excess wire.  This is where you can be creative and make a piece that signifies your style, so have fun!  When you have your desired pattern and length, thread on your O ring,  fold the wire through the ring, like you did with the clasp, cut of the excess until you have about an half inch of wire left.  Wrap this wire tightly around the bottom of the O ring, but just above the last bead, make sure you wrap tight to give it a nice and neat look!  Now try on your masterpiece and admire what a creative lady you are!



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