The Jean Queen

How to find the right pair of jeans?  This is a question that I commonly hear and so today I am going to give you a few pointers to help you find your match!

  • Mistakes I see, is that people either buy too big of jeans or too tight of jeans, this is my number 1 no no!  Remember showing your bum crack or like your going to bust out through your seams is never a good look !  I know in our culture women have become a size, but try and forget that and focus on the fit.  Try on as many sizes as you need and in various cuts to find the one that you feel confident in!  If you need to cut that size out after you buy them then do it girl!
  • When I go jeans shopping, I make sure I have time!  Time is your friend here because your going to need it!
  • Now the fit of jeans is tricky, you have to be your toughest critic!  Put on a pair of jeans and look at yourself from every angle, where is the material bulging if any, where does it look too tight, where does it look baggy, how is the waist, is it too big or too small, how is the length, too short or too long.  Ask these questions every time you put on a pair of jeans.  This is where you do the two finger test, take your middle and index finger and put them between your waist and the waist band, if you can fit your two fingers in the waist band comfortably then you have a winner!  Now if your fingers can’t fit or it feels tight then the jeans are too small and if you could fit your whole hand in then they are too big and you need to try another pair. Try sitting in a chair, notice if they raise too much and become high waters or feel too tight, this will help you get closer to deciding what fits and what doesn’t.
  • Another thing is also looking at the back of the waist band, if that sucker gaps open like a bag then they are too big and you need to move on to the next! No gappies!
  • I am not a huge fan of the over accessorized pockets on jeans, I think it adds unnecessary bulk to that region and why would we want more junk in our trunk!  Now don’t get me wrong a little design that is small and understated is cute, but the big stitching and huge buttons are unflattering!
  •  Try on a medium to dark wash, these are the best washes to flatter your shape!  Now, you can try colored and printed denim, but your basic washes are going to be what you reach for everyday, so that is where we will start and the rest will come later!
  • Boot cut and trouser cut jeans will flatter many shapes and sizes!  They will help elongate your figure and give your bum a nice lift!  The problem that shorter women like me have is the length because petite is too short and regular is too long, so this is where it is crucial to have a tailor that can fix this, remember dragging your jeans is never fashionable!
  • Flare leg is a great cut, as long as the flare isn’t too overboard!  If a jean flares out too much on the bottom it will make you look wider than you are and make your lower half look like it has wings, not cute!
  • Wide leg is another great cut, because they almost take on more of a dressy angle and look wonderful with heels and can add length to a shorter person!  Just make sure that they fit your upper half perfectly and don’t bag in the back or around your bum!  You want them to give you that long and lean look.
  • Skinny jeans are great because so many people can wear them, but again make sure they fit properly.  You don’t want skinny jeans to bag a lot in the back or be so tight in the front that it creates a ripple effect down your thigh, you want them to fit you more like a glove!
  • I also love relaxed boyfriend jeans, they are perfect for the weekend!  Now, with this jean it is all about being comfy but make sure they don’t bag too much and fit your waist properly!
  • Now for a woman on a budget, levi’s, gap, blank denim are some good denim lines that are under a $100.  For even cheaper options, I have found that Target, Tj maxx, and Marshall’s have great denim prices but be selective here!  Look at what the jean is made of, you want it to have 2-3% spandex or elastane so it will stretch a bit, any higher and sometimes they will stretch out too much!
  • A great thing to note, is to not over wash your jeans, it breaks down the fibers, so only wash them when they need it!
  • I know it gets frustrating and difficult when you struggle to find the right pair of jeans, but don’t get discouraged its a process of elimination, trust me you will find what fits you and remember if you look in that dressing room mirror and feel great then get a couple pairs!





2 comments on “The Jean Queen

  1. Cindy Lake says:

    This one just made me smile while I thought of all my “Jean” trips. Some unsuccessful—some successful!

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