Lend Me Your Ear!

This is a novel idea for anyone who can’t wear cheaper earrings, just change the hooks!  I love earrings, but I don’t always want to pay a high price for everyday jewelry, so I bought some hypoallergenic earring hooks from Hobby Lobby and voila I can buy and wear whatever earrings I choose!  They have so many cute inexpensive earrings now a days that you can buy 5 or 6 pairs for the price of 1 expensive pair!  How fabulous is that ladies!

Down below are 3 pairs of earrings I put hypoallergenic hooks on.  Some great earring finds are at Maurices, World Market, and Target!



Salty Sea Foam

Some of the most beautiful colors, derived from the ocean!  Sea foam green is an ocean color that is stunning, yet very subtle.  I like to think of this color as a neutral, because it blends splendidly with other colors!  Sea foam green looks its best with vibrant colors, because it acts as a delicate backdrop, but also gives that unexpectedness.  Some of my favorite colors to put with sea foam are; red, orange, coral, yellow, lavender, and teal!


The Weekender

Hope you all have a good weekend!  This is an outfit I put together, that I thought was perfect for a weekend of shopping, dining and being with friends!  If you haven’t tried a maxi skirt yet, you need to, they are wonderful for spring weather and you will feel comfortable all day.  Maxi skirts come in so many styles and fabrics, so you may have to try, try, try until you find the perfect one!






Turquoise Spirit

Let’s take a style note from the Native Americans, with turquoise!  Some cultures believe that turquoise attracts good fortune, health and luck, so why not try this exquisite gem.  The color of turquoise is truly beautiful and when paired with white, coral, and black it just intensifies its unique hue even more!



Whip That Closet into Shape

I am always struggling with what to use to organize and create space in my closet!  So my sassy friends, its time to make that closet work for you, not against you!  I think what is difficult about this task, is that if you don’t have a custom closet you have to get creative.  I will show some of my ideas that have helped me get more organized and create more room in tight spaces!


Use hooks to hang your handbags!


Bookcases are wonderful to store your folded sweaters and jeans!


Plastic storage bins with drawers are great for your shoeies!


I have found that these fabric storage boxes are fabulous for storing my scarves and belts!


Out of the Ordinary

Take an ordinary blouse to an extraordinary blouse just by adding a few items!  What is interesting here, is that the blouse and jacket are beautiful pops of color, so you will be very poppy with this outfit!  The bright pink with the jade jacket compliment each other perfectly, because they are a lovely mix of cool and warm tones.  To add that extra punch and give the outfit a finishing touch, try a grandiose necklace!



Racy Lacy

What I am loving right now is LACE!  I like that lace is so feminine and yet if paired with a leather jacket or skull accessories it can become edgy as well!  Lace is anything but granny, because it comes in so many different colors and now modern patterns.  I love lace shirts, dresses, and jackets when the weather is nice, its the chicest way to say sweet spring and sunny summer is here!