My Favorite Online Stores

I like to shop online, you can find some great deals and fabulous finds!  I will share with you some of my favorite sites and that I visit quite often, because I know I can always find something special!

My Top Picks:   They have some great pieces that are different and have unexpected details!   This is a great site for cute items and that are easy on the wallet!   I love this site, because it connects with Banana Republic, Old Navy and Gap, but they have some wonderful brands and wonderful sales!

Jewelmint, stylemint, and   These sites all interconnect with each other, so you can get some terrific tees, jewelry and shoes all in one place!  You do have to enter your email and join these sites, but it takes less than a minute and you get emails on sales and events!   This is one of my friends favorite sites, she has found some great deals and they are constantly updating their items.  This is another site you have to sign up for, but it is worth it!   I love this site for great vintage pieces!  They also hundreds of new items and tell a great story for each clothing item and give you ideas where you can wear it!

HauteLook   They have new items each day and amazing deals, Sunday is a big savings day!  You have to sign up for this site as well.   They have beautiful clothing pieces with a bit of vintage flare, I wait for sales on this website!

Jcrew and Jcrew   I am a huge Jcrew fan!  They have some great sales and wonderfully designed items!  This is where you want to shop if you want a great quality piece!  Plus, they have a factory store now online, where you can get some great deals as well!

Bananarepublic, gap and old   I always shop these sites for great deals and sales!   I like this site for trendy pieces and just to look at the accessories, they have some great ones!   I love to shop this site for adorable pieces!

Happy Shopping!

Sharply Sheer

Sheer fabric is a semi transparent material that is being used more and more for blouses, cardigans and jackets.  Sheer clothing is so light and airy, perfect for those spring days and yet are oh so functional pieces to add to your closet!  I love sheer blouses because they are wonderful to layer underneath blazers or cardigans for work days or with a silk camisole for a dinner date!   The sheer shouldered sweater below is excellent because it is a bit flirty, yet tasteful!  Add some great chunky accessories and you are sheer to start your day!

Note: Look for sheer pieces in a neutral palette or if you want to be chichi then reach for that color!  You can also try sheer items that are paired with other fabrics like lace or leather for some charming detail!





Stretch it Out

This is an idea I am really excited about, because number one it is inexpensive and number two they look fabulous on your wrist!  I am talking about stretchy bracelets!  These little cuties are sold everywhere, but why buy them when you can make them and be super creative in the process. I will give a brief step by step guide on how to make them and show you some of my own creations!


Step 1: You will need a pair of scissors, some stretchy cord (you can get this at Walmart in the craft section, by the beads), and your choice of colored beads.  You can look at places like Walmart, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby for some great bead choices.



Step 2:  Cut your cord longer than what you need, this will make it easier to put the beads on and will allow you to have a better grip on your bracelet.  Next, start stringing on your beads lady!  You can try making a pattern and intermix colors and styles of beads, use a large medallion bead, or just make the bracelet all one color!  You are the designer here so chose any pattern you like!  A good thing to note is to keep fitting the bracelet around your wrist, when it has just a tiny bit of room, you are done and can tie each end together and cut off the excess cord.

stetchy bangles 015


Step 3:  I would make at least five to six different bracelets, because you will stack them on your wrist to add impact and drama!  I love to mix and match the bracelets, but I also like to use a couple of the same strands to create some unity!

stetchy bangles 019


I have made tons of these bracelets, down below are some I have done in the last couple of months.  My friends and I sit around my table and make these while talking and listening to music, so have fun and enjoy seeing what bracelet creations you can come up with!

stetchy bangles 043

Liquid Silver

Channel your inner glamourista and introduce your closet to silver!  I like to wear silver because it has such a reflective quality and gives illumination to other colors its paired with. I love to put silver pieces with grey, black or navy, but I also think it looks divine with color!  What I love about this outfit is the skirt, it has such a great silvery sheen and transitions from day to night beautifully!

Note:  Look for jackets, blouses, or pants that have silver threading or a silver luster , you will be surprised how versatile a piece like this can be!


liquid silver 013



Show Me the Sequins

Oh boy how I love me some sequins!  This wonderful disk shaped embellishment makes quite the statement when applied to clothing or accessories.  Pairing simple clothing items with pieces that are adorned with sequins add instantaneous glimmer and shimmer to your ensemble!  I like to look for jackets, sweaters, and blouses with this decorative detail because it adds that unexpected touch, which is always a must!

Note:  Wearing sequins is not just for night, try wearing this trend during the day so you can sparkle and shine in the daylight hours as well!  Also, keep your accessories simple and minimal to allow the sequin piece to stand out!

sequins 016

sequins 006

sequins 025



Capacious Cargo

The cargo pant is one we can thank the boys for, they know comfort and functionality of clothing better than anyone!  Sorry boys, but we are taking this stylish, comfortable piece from you and giving it a feminine twist!  I love the cargo pant, from the unbelievably soft fabric to the great pocket space, this is a must have for any gal! I like to pair my cargies with flats and an ultra girly color like purple or pink.  To make the outfit wicked cool and laid back, I threw in a distressed leather jacket. This outfit is a terrific mix of masculine and feminine and is sure to please your ladylike and tough girl side!




cargo accessory 016






Scent of a Woman

Here are some of my most favorite perfumes!  I think every woman can agree on this, we all like to smell fabulous and be complimented on our scent.  I like scents that are light and have a clean smell for spring and summer, then in winter I tend to go a bit spicy!  If you want to select the scent that best fits your personality; try spraying a bit on your skin at the department store and then go shop for a bit.  Its good to allow the scent to absorb into your skin, then perform the smell test and see if you like it by the end of the day!  This trick saves you money and will help you in your quest for your signature scent!  Remember perfume is your finishing touch to every outfit, so spritz on a bit of fragrance and you’ll be on your merry way!

Note:  Some places to look for great perfume deals are, TJ Maxx, Ross, Walmart, Target and Marshall’s.

scent of a woman 011

Vivacious Violet

A very cheap an inexpensive way to make a statement with color, is using nail polish!  This beauty accessory comes in every color under the sun, plus you can get creative and add some fun decals.  I chose to feature the color violet, not only is this one of my favorite colors, but this color is perfect for spring!  Try choosing a color that is a little more adventurous and outside your color wheel, you will be surprised how this small change will add a hue of confidence and a shade of happiness to your outfit!




Fire and Ice and Everything Nice

Every girl needs a little fire and ice!  I love diamond inspired accessories, they can make any outfit shine and sparkle. I suggest scouring the vintage stores and major retail stores for some great inexpensive finds!

Note:  Try layering a couple of these sparklers on your wrist or around your neck and pair them with a jacket, fitted tee, and jeans, the contrast is simply marvelous darling!

fire and ice 2 007_edited-1


Watercolor Cool

Art is a form of expression, so why not express yourself through clothing!  Look at yourself as a blank canvas, then start to paint in the pieces that express who you are and what your style is.  Your style aesthetic should be, wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident, which will cause you to radiate my friend!

I love these jeans because they remind me when I was a kid and painted with my crayola watercolor paints!  It looks as though the flowers were brushed on the jeans which makes it so beautiful and sweet.  I wanted the jeans to be the show stopper, so I opted for my sweater and jacket to be neutral.  To add a twist, I added the striped shoes, they make quite the impression when paired with the jeans!   The jewelry and handbag continue the colors and concept of the look and create an arty masterpiece!