Stretch it Out

This is an idea I am really excited about, because number one it is inexpensive and number two they look fabulous on your wrist!  I am talking about stretchy bracelets!  These little cuties are sold everywhere, but why buy them when you can make them and be super creative in the process. I will give a brief step by step guide on how to make them and show you some of my own creations!


Step 1: You will need a pair of scissors, some stretchy cord (you can get this at Walmart in the craft section, by the beads), and your choice of colored beads.  You can look at places like Walmart, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby for some great bead choices.



Step 2:  Cut your cord longer than what you need, this will make it easier to put the beads on and will allow you to have a better grip on your bracelet.  Next, start stringing on your beads lady!  You can try making a pattern and intermix colors and styles of beads, use a large medallion bead, or just make the bracelet all one color!  You are the designer here so chose any pattern you like!  A good thing to note is to keep fitting the bracelet around your wrist, when it has just a tiny bit of room, you are done and can tie each end together and cut off the excess cord.

stetchy bangles 015


Step 3:  I would make at least five to six different bracelets, because you will stack them on your wrist to add impact and drama!  I love to mix and match the bracelets, but I also like to use a couple of the same strands to create some unity!

stetchy bangles 019


I have made tons of these bracelets, down below are some I have done in the last couple of months.  My friends and I sit around my table and make these while talking and listening to music, so have fun and enjoy seeing what bracelet creations you can come up with!

stetchy bangles 043

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