Scent of a Woman

Here are some of my most favorite perfumes!  I think every woman can agree on this, we all like to smell fabulous and be complimented on our scent.  I like scents that are light and have a clean smell for spring and summer, then in winter I tend to go a bit spicy!  If you want to select the scent that best fits your personality; try spraying a bit on your skin at the department store and then go shop for a bit.  Its good to allow the scent to absorb into your skin, then perform the smell test and see if you like it by the end of the day!  This trick saves you money and will help you in your quest for your signature scent!  Remember perfume is your finishing touch to every outfit, so spritz on a bit of fragrance and you’ll be on your merry way!

Note:  Some places to look for great perfume deals are, TJ Maxx, Ross, Walmart, Target and Marshall’s.

scent of a woman 011

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