Emerald City

Emerald is such a regal color and gives any outfit instant richness.  I like to use emerald as a neutral and pair it with prints and colors, but I also like to use it as a pop of color and add it here and there in an outfit!  Either way you chose to use emerald, you will sure be a gem in the ruff!


Accessories in this beautiful green shade contrast amazingly when paired with metallics!


You are sure to get compliments if you pair an emerald coat with a fierce leopard print handbag, meow!


A cardigan or jacket in this bold green is perfect with a bright color peeking out underneath! (Try yellow, orange, red, mint, and purple)


Here is how you can add a pop of emerald, try either a belt or jewelry, but if you really want to be daring try emerald tights!



2 comments on “Emerald City

  1. Jenefer says:

    I love the green coat. Is it a JCrew find? You need to take me shopping the next time you are in Cheyenne.


    Sent from my iPad

    • Sassy Pearl says:

      Hey Jen, I would love to take you shopping! I will post the next time I am coming down your way! The coat is a banana republic coat, I will post sometime where I like to shop!

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