Playing Dressup

This is for all you mommies, aunties, and grammies out there!  We let our kids help with daily tasks everyday, so why not let them help select pieces for an outfit.  First, pick your color palette and tell them what colors to look for and allow them to choose a piece of  jewelry, shirt, jacket, handbag, really whatever their little heart desires!  Keep in mind the temperature outside, so you can steer them in the right direction.  Now, take the item or items they chose and start to build your outfit around them!  What I love about this, is you take a bit of them with you to work and that each time you look down at that item you can smile!

My little nieces love to play in my closet, they mostly go after the high heels and necklaces!  Its fun to see what combinations they walk out with!



This is the outfit my nieces helped pick items for and surprise, surprise they picked the high heels and jeweled clutch!



One comment on “Playing Dressup

  1. Cindy Lake says:

    I have never seen three more beautiful girls in my life!!!

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