Cleverly Crafty

This is where being creative can take something that is a bit ordinary and change it into something more extraordinary!  I love tweaking my vintage pieces or just my basics to give it a fresh new look.  You can do this with any item of clothing and use any embellishment you choose.  I chose to use a vintage jacket that came in a three piece suit.  I love how the jacket looks, but I felt that it needed something to make it stand out and give it a little more style.  What I decided to use for the lapel embellishments were actually a pair of earrings that were a bit too heavy for my ears.  So, snip, snip and stitch, stitch and I ended up with a jacket that gave me the stylish flare I wanted and didn’t cost me a cent!

Note:  Try this idea with any of your wardrobe pieces, then think outside the box on what you can use to give it your own style touch!  You could choose items like earrings, crystals, buttons, or strips of fabric.  Remember less is more, so don’t get too bedazzle crazy, just add a few pieces to create something that is truly one of a kind!




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