Classy Clashy

Okay, before you get too frightened by this fusion of prints, let me explain!  I think all the old rules that once applied to fashion, should be buried and never dug back up!  If you live by fashion rules, it limits you on what you can and can’t do, which is BORING!  So, I am going to take you out of your comfort zone and break down the rules we were once taught.  This look is definitely unusual, I debated on showing it because its so out of the box!  Now you are going to like, dislike, or be undecided on this look, which is okay, but don’t write it off just yet.  I actually was undecided myself but as I got to looking at it, I thought it was unique and a bit charming.  The snake print maxi skirt is pretty neutral in color so that allowed me to choose a plaid that was more intense in color.  The brown belt breaks up the prints and helps tie the look together.  I wanted to add a punch of color and I think the mustard yellow clutch does just that!  The jewelry has a bohemian feel and is the perfect finishing touch!



Note:  Try making an outfit with your prints, look at your closet and see if there are any prints that are great contrast when paired together!  I strongly suggest using a jacket or belt to break up your prints.  Have fun experimenting and see what creations you can come up with!

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