Finger Bling Cocktail Rings

Out of all my accessories, cocktail rings are one of my all time favorites!  These rings are not just for night, they also look stunning for daytime wear!  The bigger the better is the rule of thumb here, a great cocktail ring can add the right amount of finger bling and make an ensemble more memorable. Accessories play a huge part in creating your daily outfits because they give great detail and flare, yet also allow you to add in your own personal flavor and mix!



The color brown is anything but simple and boring, especially when in a sweet caramel shade that’s adorned with sequins!  I think it makes an outfit extremely opulent when different shades of brown are stirred together, it is such a gorgeous statement!  Rich caramel is a color that has so much versatility, it looks radiant in the summer on tanned skin and looks lavish in the fall with orange and burgundy.   How about this darling hat!  Hats are great for bad hair days and when you want to be incognito!  Here’s to you!




Note:  I like to wear gold jewelry with brown because it makes a stunning contrast on the skin and creates wonderful warmth and brilliance!

White Russian

This wardrobe essential doesn’t have to be just for the perfect girl who can keep white and ivory looking bright!  Don’t feel bad if you are not one of those ladies who can stay stain free, not many of us can!  The trick to wearing a color like this, is that it needs to be washable and in a cotton fabric, it is much easier to get stains out!  Now, hopefully I haven’t petrified you from wearing a white or ivory jacket because it truly is a key piece for your spring and summer outfits.  So, introduce yourself to a stain stick honey and enjoy wearing your brights again!  Salut!


Note:  A white or ivory jacket is a great topper for your spring and summer dresses, shirts, and tanks!

Cosmopolitan Pink

Think pink, whenever I wear pink, it reminds me of the movie Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn.  In this scene they sing about pink being the new “it” color!  So, my advice is to think pink.  Pink is feminine and romantic, yet can be so striking when paired with different shades of the same hue!  Try this color by introducing pops of it into an outfit or be daring and try it head to toe.  Jewelry wise, I think gold or silver is fantastic with pink, but try going a little chunky and layer, layer, layer!  Cheers!



Absolute Citron

Oh man I love me some citron!  I think that this color is so great for spring and summer because its so fresh and citrusy.  Citron is a color that can be worn as a neutral and with many colors!  If you want to stay simple, put citron with either black or white for a nice electric pop of color, yet if you want to get madly colorful, you can try colors like purple, pink, gold, green and blue!

absolute citron 012


Shake Your Bootie

Booties are a ladies best friend!  Trust me on this one, you will be able to wear these babies with everything!  I wear my booties a lot right now, especially since the weather is still in that in between stage.  Pair your booties with skirts, shorts with tights, maxi dresses, short dresses, and skinnies for a hip and on trend look.  There are many styles, colors, and heel heights to chose from, so chose the bootie that best fits your life and style, then work it girl!


Sunny Side Up

Spring is in the air and it is time for clear blue skies and sunny days, well that is if you don’t live in Wyoming!  So, to beat the weather blues try incorporating yellow into your wardrobe.  No other color on the color wheel is as cheerful or happy as yellow!  I think by adding bright yellow to an outfit via through a jacket, blouse, jewelry, scarf, or handbag is a perfect way to create confidence and show your ingenuity!

sunny 007

sunny 010