Private First Chic

ATTENTION!!!!  It is said that, there is something about a man in uniform and same applies here with the military trend!  This is one of my favorite trends and I think it is here to stay because it is so effortlessly cool and stylish!   What I love about camouflage is that its versatile, it goes with so many colors and patterns, which makes it a nice addition to any closet.  I like the contrast between the camo jacket and the yellow ruffly top, it adds a beautiful pop of color and keeps it feminine.  To give a nice playful touch, I added a leopard belt which I think pairs nicely with the camo pattern.  A wide leg dark wash jean keeps the look polished and a bit casual.  I love sparkly jewelry with camo as well because it makes it ultra girly and a little glamorous!  The bright green handbag is very striking against the more muted colors of green in the jacket and creates some undeniable interest!  DISMISSED!!!!








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