Mr. Neutral and Mrs. Color

Hopefully, last week you went through your closet and decided on what to keep and what to toss! If you haven’t yet, you still got time girl, just remember the pointers I gave you to help you make your decisions easier.  So, for those of you that did your homework, give yourself a pat on the back we are now on our way to creating your own personal wardrobe!  Essential pieces are pieces you will need to create a foundation, these will be what you use year after year and season after season!  Now, it has been said you should spend your buckaroo’s on these items, but I feel you can get these pieces on a budget as well!   One thing I will stress is the fit!!!!  Make sure the shoulders of a blazer line up with your own shoulders, the line backer look is never fashionable!  Also, make sure the blouses, shirts and cardigans button and don’t gap in the bust area, no one likes a booby shot!  Down below is a style map for neutral essentials and color essentials, keep in mind you are the master of this ship so steer towards your own style and color preferences!


Your Neutral Buddies!



These are your neutrals honey!  Keep these babies basic and simple!

  • Black or navy Blazer
  • Ivory blouse, this color suits most skin types
  • You can choose a grey, black, or navy cardigan
  • Oh my sailor strips, nothing is chicer than this, choose either black or navy stripes
  • Jeans and pants both in a neutral color
  • A collared shirt either in white, black, navy, or denim
  • A simple shaped handbag in either tan or black

Your Color Buddies!



Kick your colored picks up a notch with details and fun patterns!

  • Choose a colored cardigan in any color you fancy
  • A flirtatious blouse in a vibrant color
  • A collared shirt with military details is great
  • Try a bright skirt and patterned denim
  • Blazer in a luscious color and texture
  • Oh fabulous, stripes in color
  • A handbag in a print or pop of color


One comment on “Mr. Neutral and Mrs. Color

  1. Cindy Lake says:

    You do inspire me to give my closet a cleaning. Your special way of giving fashion humor makes me smile when i read your blog!

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