Rock and Roll Woman

Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, and Steven Tyler all have something in common, other than their rocking music, they all wore leather pants!  There is nothing cooler than adding a pair of black leather pants to your look!  Now, I know you must be thinking this girl is off her rocker if she thinks I will wear a pair of leather pants, but think about how you can incorporate rock and roll into your wardrobe and bring out your inner Jagger!  Try picking pieces that still fit your taste, but give you that perfect melody of edgy and sophistication.  Find pieces that evoke the true essence of rocker style, think black leather jackets, printed gauzy scarfs, leather or skull jewelry, studded handbags and shoes, yet blend in pieces that are more refined to create a great contrast between the two styles!  This will allow for you to be as modest or bold as you wish to be!





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