Howdy Partner!

When I think of the wild west, I think Clint Eastwood, is there anything better than Outlaw Josey Wales?  I feel the same when it comes to western attire, I love to use small touches like boots, a dress, or a jacket!  However, don’t go overboard, only choose a couple of pieces to highlight and keep the rest simple!  I found inspiration for this outfit from my boots!  These boots are great because they are made of an extremely soft leather and have a bit of cowgirl flare.  The sweater has a high collar that has a great western detail on the front and back.  Again, I kept the rest simple, with a soft pink peacoat and camel colored skinny jeans this allows the look to stay classy and not be too over the top!  The jewelry continues the western theme, but stays tasteful and elegant!

Note:  Try creating your own western inspired outfit, you can use a muted color palette or if your feeling lucky then try a great color like turquoise!



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