Blissful Black and White

One of the best color combinations in fashion is black and white!  Black is a powerful color that is rich and dark, where as white is airy and bright, making them very striking together.  These two colors are classic and timeless, making them a must in every closet!  I wanted to give my black and white outfit a modern twist, with textures and patterns.  The white wool jacket with black piping is a classic shape, but the gold buttons and pockets add a cute detail.  I chose a blouse in a black and white snake pattern, to add some character and keep the look from being too monochromatic!  Black skinny jeans are a nice finish to the outfit because they create contrast with the white jacket and  patterned blouse.  To add my twist, I threw in a watermelon scarf to give a pop of color and make it updated!  The black studded shoes and glossy black handbag add a rocker vibe, while the gold bracelets and black stone earrings keep it elegant!

Note: To incorporate black and white into your wardrobe, I suggest looking for patterned black and white blouses or jackets.  Also, look for pieces that are a classic shape and have subtle details. It is important to only use one pattern whether it be on your jacket or blouse while keeping the rest of the outfit simple!




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