Modern Monday

This outfit has one of my favorite colors, coral!  The lady like tweed coat has a weave of rich browns, reds , and oranges with leather piping on the collar and pockets.    The coat makes an entrance all on its own!  The light pink blazer gives the look a professional feel while the cream ruffly top adds a feminine touch.  Pairing it all with dark brown leather leggings makes the look more modern and fashion forward!  One of my favorite pieces is the coral leather handbag, it’s a beautiful shade of orange and can be worn with an array of colors!  I wanted to elongate the leg so I chose dark brown boots that were similar to the color of the leggings, this is a great trick for people with short legs!  The copper and gold jewelry finish the look to perfection!



011   015

2 comments on “Modern Monday

  1. Jenefer says:

    Really like this outfit. Any hints on wear I can find the orange coat?

    • Sassy Pearl says:

      Hey Jenefer! I found some choices on piperlime, nordstrom, zappos and target. The orange coat from target was really cute and the price was great, $41.98! Mossimo makes it and they have sizes in small, medium, and large.

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