Day and Night

I want to talk about taking pieces from day to night.  I love the concept of taking something that has a casual vibe and make it more glamorous for a night out.  This helps in using your pieces for more than one purpose and makes your wardrobe more versatile.  For my day outfit I chose to layer pieces that were different textures and colors. A black leather jacket is an essential in any closet, you can wear it with everything and I mean everything!  The grey cardigan has a voluminous bottom which helps create balance on top.  I love me some sparkle, so I decided to use a sequined T-shirt in a rich navy color!  Yes ladies you can wear black and navy together, it looks stunning!  I wanted to keep it casual for the day so I chose to use a pair of jeans in a medium wash and simple black boots.  I kept the jewelry simple and the black and navy handbag helped complete the look!



For the night outfit, I kept the sequined T-shirt, black leather jacket, and the silver cuff.  With those pieces I integrated the silk grey maxi skirt, shiny silver clutch, some new accessories that add a bit more drama, and black pointed flats.  This makes the outfit ready for a night out on the town!




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