Welcome to the Sassy Pearl Blog

Hi and Welcome to my blog! Have you ever been rummaging through your closet in the morning, frazzled and late trying to decide on what to wear? We have all been there! Everything looks blah and nothing looks exciting. You try on ten different things getting more confused and frustrated. So, in the end you settle with the same old thing and run out the door, leaving behind your confidence and personal style. What this blog is intended to do, is help people like yourself find your own personal style and step outside the box! Yes I know you can do it and in turn discover you are fabulous! In my blog I will be posting pictures of my outfits to give you ideas and hopefully spark your own creativity! I will be addressing trends, vintage, accessories, shoes, clothes and more! Remember fashion is fun and there are very few rules, but we will get into that later! So, make this your new fashion site and become friends with your mirror again!

One comment on “Welcome to the Sassy Pearl Blog

  1. Cindy Lake says:

    I love your name!

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