Printy Pants

Printed denim is a big trend right now, there are so many prints to chose from, so you can find the one that fits your taste and style!  With embracing this trend, you are taking a risk my friend, which is a big step!  Those old sayings “don’t knock it till you try it” or “don’t judge a book by its cover” were said because how do you know you dislike something until you actually find out for yourself!  Now, if you do go out on a limb and still don’t like this trend that is perfectly fine, its more important that you tried something new!  I think why I like printed denim is that its a fresh new take on an old classic!  I love the combination of the textures in this look, it makes it fantastically intriguing and modern!

Try this look by mixing textures with your printed denim, use fabrics like leather, tweed, silk, and lace!





Roger That Ma’am!

You can create a military look that is really inexpensive!  I actually bought my jacket from the Salvation Army store for $16, what a bargain!  To make the jacket more ladylike and girly, try adding some vintage brooches or a feminine top underneath. You can try belting it to give you a great shape or leave it open and wear a strand of pearls.  This is where you can play with colors and patterns to create a look that is all your own!  Keep in mind that your camo jacket is more masculine so you definitely want to mix in more feminine pieces to make the perfect combination!




Private First Chic

ATTENTION!!!!  It is said that, there is something about a man in uniform and same applies here with the military trend!  This is one of my favorite trends and I think it is here to stay because it is so effortlessly cool and stylish!   What I love about camouflage is that its versatile, it goes with so many colors and patterns, which makes it a nice addition to any closet.  I like the contrast between the camo jacket and the yellow ruffly top, it adds a beautiful pop of color and keeps it feminine.  To give a nice playful touch, I added a leopard belt which I think pairs nicely with the camo pattern.  A wide leg dark wash jean keeps the look polished and a bit casual.  I love sparkly jewelry with camo as well because it makes it ultra girly and a little glamorous!  The bright green handbag is very striking against the more muted colors of green in the jacket and creates some undeniable interest!  DISMISSED!!!!








A Fashion Icon

When I think of my favorite fashion icon, I think of none other than Audrey Hepburn!  The great thing about her style was that is was so effortless and simplistic.  She could add a simple accessory like a scarf or belt and was instantly chic!  I think what I love most about her style is that its timeless and classic.  Her style is one that has been copied over and over again, making it more and more appealing to women everywhere!  I like to take bits and pieces of Audrey’s style and mix it in with my own style, this creates a fresh colorful change from a black and white classic!


“I never think of myself as an icon.  What is in other people’s minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing.”    Audrey Hepburn

Mr. Neutral and Mrs. Color

Hopefully, last week you went through your closet and decided on what to keep and what to toss! If you haven’t yet, you still got time girl, just remember the pointers I gave you to help you make your decisions easier.  So, for those of you that did your homework, give yourself a pat on the back we are now on our way to creating your own personal wardrobe!  Essential pieces are pieces you will need to create a foundation, these will be what you use year after year and season after season!  Now, it has been said you should spend your buckaroo’s on these items, but I feel you can get these pieces on a budget as well!   One thing I will stress is the fit!!!!  Make sure the shoulders of a blazer line up with your own shoulders, the line backer look is never fashionable!  Also, make sure the blouses, shirts and cardigans button and don’t gap in the bust area, no one likes a booby shot!  Down below is a style map for neutral essentials and color essentials, keep in mind you are the master of this ship so steer towards your own style and color preferences!


Your Neutral Buddies!



These are your neutrals honey!  Keep these babies basic and simple!

  • Black or navy Blazer
  • Ivory blouse, this color suits most skin types
  • You can choose a grey, black, or navy cardigan
  • Oh my sailor strips, nothing is chicer than this, choose either black or navy stripes
  • Jeans and pants both in a neutral color
  • A collared shirt either in white, black, navy, or denim
  • A simple shaped handbag in either tan or black

Your Color Buddies!



Kick your colored picks up a notch with details and fun patterns!

  • Choose a colored cardigan in any color you fancy
  • A flirtatious blouse in a vibrant color
  • A collared shirt with military details is great
  • Try a bright skirt and patterned denim
  • Blazer in a luscious color and texture
  • Oh fabulous, stripes in color
  • A handbag in a print or pop of color


A Few of My Favorite Places

I love downtown Fort Collins, Colorado!  Some of the neatest stores and restaurants are located here, they also have great festivals!  This is where I come when I want to just relax and find some great pieces for my closet.  I wanted to share with you, some of my favorite places to shop!



Cira is a great store because they have friendly, helpful staff and they carry apparel that is affordable and oh so cute!  It is exquisitely organized and has something for everyone!  This would be a great place to shop if you want trendy, good quality pieces, but don’t want to break the bank!  I love this store and its upbeat atmosphere!



Silver Assests is an amazing jewelry store that sells high quality, yet well priced silver jewelry!   This store does an incredible job at showcasing the jewelry and you can try on as many pieces as your heart desires!  The couple that owns the store are wonderful and are so helpful in finding you that perfect piece!



Tula is a wonderful boutique that carries chic pieces that are high in quality!  If you are looking for one of a kind pieces to add to your wardrobe, this store has just that!  The store is put together beautifully and has great staff!  I love Deb, she is great at helping you find just what you need!

End of Shopping Day!

So, I hope that you all enjoyed seeing some of the pieces I bought today, to add to my ever expanding wardrobe. I used my number one rule, don’t buy it if you don’t love it and my sister and mom were a good influence as well. Especially, the faces I got from my sister when she disliked something on me!  Its good to always take people with you that will be truthful!